Tippetts is the 19,922nd most popular last name (surname) in the United States;


Tippetts is a surname which is found primarily in England. It should be noted that Tippetts family members have migrated through history thereby carrying the name to many areas.

The surname Tippetts comes from the first name of the original bearer.

In studying our archives we found that one of the earliest references to the family name Tippetts dates back in history to the year 1066.

There is documentation related to many Tippetts family members and we mention here William Tippetts by way of example.

The colour Or (Gold) in the coat of arms of the family Tippetts symbolizes Generosity and Elevation of Mind. It also reflects the hopes, ambitions and aspirations of its original bearer.



Origin: English396-8446

Coat of Arms: Silver with a chevron between three dolphins.

Crest: An arm holding an anchor.

Motto: Non robore sed spe.

Motto Translated: Not with strength but with hope.